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Be at the conjunction of Data, Cloud and Things
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Why Should You Take IoT?

  • Gartner predicted that 20.4 billion IoT devices will be connecting in 2020. Intel, Samsung, CISCO, Microsoft, Apple, Google,Gartner are the top IoT companies right now.
  • IoT is a distinctly new entrant and hence has a tendency to pay higher salaries. IoT specialists acquire around 76% higher salaries than IT professionals in India.
  • It is believed the influx of new IoT devices will lead to tens of thousands of new jobs in the IoT economy.

Course Curriculum

It stretches your mind, think better and create even better.

IoT Definition

In-depth Explanation using example

IoT Applications in different domain

IoT Market in different domains

Challenges for IoT Industry

IoT Business

IoT 2020

IoT Opportunities


IoT Architecture

Technology Stack


Hardware Requirements

Cloud Communication

Data streaming

Data stores

Use Case : Best Cold Chain Explanation


Osmosis Features Explanation

Client Management

User Management

Device Management

Alarm Management

Reports & Analytic

Practical : Osmosis Account Creation


Sensors and Actuators – Definition

Sensor properties and types of sensors

Reading Technical data sheet

Actuators properties

Sensor manufacturers & data sheets




Practical: Interfacing multiple sensors to development board and displaying the output on LCD


Basic Hardware programming with LED s ,Switches, LCD and Serial monitor using development board


Micro-controller Definition

Difference between Micro-controller and Microprocessor

Options available in Micro-controllers

STM32F401RE schematic

Mbed online Compiler

Interfaces – UART, SPI and I2C, Interconnection, PIN Diagram

Practical: Displaying values using STM32F401RE and its interfaces and data exchange using interfaces like UART, SPI and I2C


Development board – Definition

Compare various development boards -Raspberry pi, Arduino, STM32, CS3200,Nodemcu, Blend micro


Posting sensor data to cloud using GSM as gateway

Posting sensor data to cloud using Wi-Fi as gateway

Actuating action using GSM - Trigger alarm using SMS

Raspberry Pi OS Configuration


Communication Channels

Communication Protocols

Wireless/RF Protocols – Definition and Features

Overview of Wireless/RF protocols - ZigBee, ANT and ANT+, BLE, Z Wave, WiFi, Bluetooth and many more

IP protocols - TCP/IP, UDP, HTTP, HTTPS, MQTT, CoAP, 6LoWPAN, Usage, comparison or protocols in IoT



Advantages of ZigBEE

Use case of ZigBEE

Mesh Network Concept

ZigBEE Routing and addressing


Practical: ZigBee Node Configuration,ZigBee Mesh Network formation, Sending sensor data through Mesh network


Task creation and task prioritization

Memory management and interrupts

Task Synchronization

Semaphores and mutex

Inter task Communication

Difference between Coocox and various other RTOS and Vxwork

Practical : Task Create / Prioritization, Memory allocation, Interrupt handling, Inter task Communication, Semaphore, Mutex




Women Safety device using GPS and GSM

The project is an emergency safety system which can be used for women safety. It uses GSM and GPS modules to track the women when they get harassed and an sms would be sent to emergency handling unit / key people of the women. The data passed would include location in terms of latitude and longitude of current location of the women.This uses a Pi and a SIM for data transmission to other end.

Smart Energy Saving System for Roads using IoT ( smart cities domain )

Smart cities has been a buzzing word in recent days pertaining to electronics automation. This can be implemented in lots of domains saving energy , providing energy efficient solutions to users. Smart energy saving system uses a network of sensors for tracking traffic / road users . When detected it works to switch on / off traffic lights for pedestrians/vehicles , the same can be also used to manage traffic smarty at busy junctures using smart traffic signalling technique.

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