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Game Development Certification Training

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Course Prview

Why Should You Take Game Development?

  • According to Seif El-Nasr, most employers in the game industry do not place a lot of weight on specific college degrees. What’s more important is that you can demonstrate you’re able to do the work.
  • Video game developers can expect to earn an average salary of $93,251
  • The Gaming Industry is not only the fastest growing entertainment medium in terms of revenue, but has created (and continues to create) job disciplines that never existed previously

Course Curriculum

It stretches your mind, think better and create even better.

Getting to Know the Unity Editor

The Unity Interface

The Hand Tools

Dimensions and Coordinate Systems

Putting the 2D in 3D


Creating and attaching scripts

Variables, Operators

Conditional Statements

Loop Statements

Anatomy of Method

Input Basics

Class, Objects

Object Oriented Programming

Understanding Playerprefs


2D Game Tools

Orthographic Cameras

2D Scene View

Sprite Slice

Sorting Layer

2D Colliders

2D Rigidbodies

2D Effectors

2D Joints

Draw Order

Order in Layer

Basic UI Principles


Rect Transform


Text, Images


Slider, Scroll bar

Input Fields



Canvas Render Modes




Physics materials


Adding and Importing Sprites


Prefab Structure

Working with Prefabs


The Basics of Models

Built-in-3D Objects

Importing Models

Textures, Shaders

Terrain Generation

Texturing Terrain

Environment Effects

Generating Trees and Grass


Lens Flare




Working with Layers


Particle System Controls

Particle System Modules

Default Module

Emission Module

Shape Modules

Velocity Modules

Animation Basics

The Rig

2D Animations

Animation Tools

Scripting Animators

Audio Basics

2D and 3D Audio

Importing Audio Clips

Audio Scripting


Preparing Project for Mobile

Setting up Environment

Unity Remote

Multi - Touch Input

Cross-Platform Input

Virtual Controls

Using Tilt Controls

Using Joystick Controls

Managing Scenes

Persisting Data and Objects

Unity Player Settings

Build Settings

Build Settings


Introduction to Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

Getting Started with VR using Unity3D

Input for Oculus

Interaction in VR

User Interface in VR

WorldSpace UI

Movement in VR

Deploying project in VR

Optimisations for VR in Unity3D

Understanding AR with Unity3D

Vuforia sdk overview

Handling AR Camera

Implementing AR based user interface

Getting Started with VR using Unity3D

Creating markers with Vuforia

Understanding different target types

Creating example of different target types





Learn and absorb new things with creative projects.

Zombie Shooter VR Platform: VR Device: Oculus Rift

The Zombie Shooter VR is a first-person shooter game that enables Virtual Reality. The game starts in a dark forest where the player has to shoot and kill the huge wave of zombies that are attacking the player and to survive till the final wave. Players will get the experience of playing a survival shooting game in Virtual Environment.

  • Topics Covered in the project:
  • Player Controller
  • UI Manager
  • Scene Management
  • Level Designing
  • Enabling VR into unity

Barbarian AR Platform: AR Device: Any Android Mobile

The objective of the project is to create an AR application which consists of a 3D character with various animations. The player can simulate the 3D character into real world and can select different actions to be played by the character. The player can get the experience of playing a game in Augmented Reality.

  • Topics Covered in the project:
  • Importing 3D
  • Animator Controller
  • UI Manager
  • Scene Management
  • Using Vuforia in unity
  • Enabling AR in unity
  • Android Build Settings

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