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Blockchain Certification Training

Learn How to Chain the Blocks
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Why Should You Take Blockchain?

  • Blockchain expertise captured the No. 1 position on the latest skills index by Upwork for being the hottest in the U.S. job market.
  • Though begun in finance to support cryptocurrencies, but now the technology and it’s solutions are being explored by industries from healthcare to insurance to manufacturing and more.
  • The salaries offered throughout both technical and non-technical fields are 10-20% higher than the salaries offered in a normal job.
  • Number of blockchain jobs increased from December 2016 to December 2017 by a staggering 207%.

Course Curriculum

It stretches your mind, think better and create even better.

What is blockchain

Centralized vs Decentralized vs Distributed systems

What are digital ledgers

What is a bitcoin and types of cryptocurrencies

Difference between bitcoin and blockchain

What is Mining and transaction validation

What is nonce

Transaction flow of blockchain website

Proof of Work


What is hashing and digital signatures

Types of cryptographic algorithms.

What is dual-key encryption (public & private encryption)

Usage of cryptography in blockchain and transaction validation

What are merkle trees and root Creation of block hash


Public blockchains and examples

Private blockchains and examples

Federated vs Consortium blockchains and examples

Difference between permissioned vs permissionless blockchain


What is Ethereum

Ethereum architecture

Introduction to dapps and examples

What are smart contracts

Introduction to solidity

Difference between ethereum and bitcoin blockchains

Swarm vs IPFS

Web3 js introduction, proof of stake


Difference between public,private,test networks

Creation and explanation of genesis file

Downloading and explanation of geth

Web3js commands and usage in geth

Creation of private blockchain using geth

Connecting nodes in blockchain (temporary and permanent)

Connecting nodes in same, different networks

Connecting nodes using cloud and localhost

Accounts creation, transactions and mining in node.


Creating first smart contract

Remix IDE, Metamask, Mist browser

Deploying in private blockchain

Attaching an user interface

Mini Project using solidity

Truffle introduction and unboxing

Truffle commands and usage

Coding explanation using truffle + solidity



Hyperledger Fabric

Features of Hyperledger

Fabric Installation of prerequisites


Architecture of Hyperledger Fabric

Transaction, Ledger, Nodes

Peer, Endorser, Ordering Nodes

Channels, Certificate Authority

Transaction Flow

Lab Work


Introduction To Hyperledger Explorer

Block Details Peer List

Chaincode List

Transaction Details

Introduction, Components of Hyperledger Composer

Benefits of Hyperledger Composer

Hyperledger Composer Solution


Introduction to Other Popular Blockchains ( Quorum, Multichain, R3 Corda).

IPFS introduction.

ICO concepts and Motivation behind

Types of wallets to store crypto currencies





Learn and absorb new things with creative projects.

Blockchain Wallet using External Apis

This application enables creation of wallet based on Blockchain technology that can store Cryptocurrency using APIs. It enables transactions between wallets using Cryptocurrency. This application enables us to create of our own Blockchain Certificate using private blockchains, Truffle frame work, Node js.

Topics Covered in Project 1

• Concepts of Bitcoin and Mining

• Transactions flow and Merkle Trees

• Hashing and Digital Signatures

• Decentralised and Distributed Networks

Ethereum Blockchain Certificates

This application enables us to create of our own Blockchain Certificate using private blockchains, Truffle framework, Node js. It can be used to create proof of identity kind of application.

Topics Covered in Project 2

•Ethereum Architecture

• Solidity Basic programming

• Truffle Framework

• Web3 js

• Nodejs Server and Routing

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