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Bigdata Certification Training

The Data is sooooo Big – Learn how to make it Simple
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Why Should You Take Big Data?

  • Think of a business that relies on quick, agile decisions to stay competitive, and most likely big data analytics is involved in making that business tick. 53% Of Companies Are Adopting Big Data.
  • The average base pay for at least six big data skills itself is well over $120,000 a year.
  • Big data has seen massive exponential growth leading to numerous career opportunities.

Course Curriculum

It Stretches Your Mind, Think Better And Create Even Better.

Introduction to Big Data

Why Big Data?

Characteristics of Big Data – 4 Vs

Applications of Big Data

Introduction to Hadoop

HDFS – Hadoop Distributed file system

Components of HDFS

HDFS terminology

HDFS Federation

HDFS high availability

Role of zoo keeper

Replica pipeline and network distance algorithm

HDFS Read and Write

Installing Hadoop in Windows/Mac using Cloudera Quickstart VM


Introduction to Map Reduce Framework

Mapper and Reducer APIs

First Map Reduce program – Word Count

Map Reduce examples – Inverted Index and Titanic Data Analysis

Modes of execution

Job execution in MRV1 VS YARN

Serialization and Deserialization

Writable Classes

Input and Output Formats

Distributed Cache


Using Partitioner and Combiner classes

Joins – Map side Join and Reduce side Join


Sequence File Format

Optimizing techniques of MR jobs

Speculative Execution

Hadoop Streaming and Pipes


Introduction to Hive


Hive DDL : Managed Table VS External Table

Issues with delimiters

Hive Architecture

Partioning – Static and Dynamic


Dealing JSON data – using JSON SerDe

Hive UDF

Creating Views

File Formats – Avro, Parquet, ORC

Optimizing Techniques


Introduction to Pig

Why Pig ?

Motivation by example

SQL vs Pig

Modes of Running Pig

Introduction to Pig Latin

Pig Latin Data types

Pig Latin Operators

Type casting and validation

Process of Pig Latin Processing

Pig UDF with example

What is a No SQL Database ?

Why Hbase ?

Introduction to Hbase

Hbase high level architecture

Hbase commands

Indepth architectural view of Hbase

Java APIs for Hbase operations

Bulk Load using Table Mapper and Table Reducer API

Bulk Load using import TSV tool from a fi


Introduction to Sqoop

Sqoop Architecture

Sqoop imports and Exports With Examples

Introduction to Oozie

Oozie workflow

Oozie Action Tags

Oozie Parametrization

Flume – Spooling Directory

Programming concepts of Scala


Introduction to Spark

Why Spark ?

Applications of Spark

Spark Terminology


Architecture of Spark

Transformations and Actions

RDD Hierarchy

Lazy Execution

Shared Variables

RDD persistence

Spark SQL – Data Frames , Data Sets and SQL

Realtime streaming with Kafka and Spark Streaming





Learn and absorb new things with creative projects.

Batch Processing of e-commerce data using Hadoop stack

For large and small retailers, it is essential to be able to not only react to, but also accurately predict the trends and nuances in the market. Data analytics is done on the retail dataset in order to improve the profit of the organization.

Real Time Data Ingestion and processing of Social Media data using Hadoop stack

Data Ingestion of social media data like facebook/twitter to analyse the trends of various products.

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